User & Abuser


Everyone says that there are two kinds of people that live in this World, “The Good” and “The Bad“. There was a time I also believed in the same; however Time and Experience taught me something altogether different. I know that the two kinds of people that exist in this world are “The Users” and”The Abusers”. How did I reach to this conclusion? Well, we’ll get there in sometime.

All of us are always surrounded by people at all times. Some are family, some are friends and some are coined as relatives while some would be close relatives. Then we also have different circles like office, gym, friends of friends and so on. Each of these we meet leaves an impression on us. We like some that we become close pals while some we never even consider. In all those people who crossed our lives each of them has left an imprint in our life. Something’s we would admire about them while some we would always despise.

Amongst all this sea of people we have the two kinds which I had earlier mentioned. They can also be called as The Giver and The Taker; but then they’re the Users and then the Abusers.

Explaining the above further, we all friends meet up, catch up on weekends. A random plan is made where everyone turns up. Then we go through the regular series of catching up, then teasing and so on. After spending hours it even though it feels like minutes the waiter comes in with the bill. The over enthusiast amongst the group will always pay the bill first. The rest would also volunteer after the bill has been taken up by someone. In this chaos we always fail to notice someone who will never pay for anything; although they would be present for everything. Well, this scenario is seen many a times. This has happened with us quite a number of times, no matter how much we deny.

Lately there is something known as Conveyance Friends. I came across this word while I was talking to a friend. She was regularly in touch with some guy and used to be a lot around him. When I asked her where would this be going? She said nowhere; he takes care of the bills, the commute what else do I need? For a minute I was shocked because I had never expected this from her. But then I realized that we would never know someone completely. Hold on, most of the guys would agree saying that yes Girls always do this; but yes, for this the girls also payback In Kind. Hence, I think we’re living in the old days again where we all thrive on the Barter System. The goods in transactions are different. Earlier they used to be goods while today its Emotions and Feelings.

Is there a way to avoid this? Ideally, I should be saying yes. But being a little Realistic I would say no. We all no matter how much we say are good get into this system on daily basis. The ones who do this on small scale are Users while the players playing on a larger scale are Abusers.

Our MindHeart and whatever is left of our Conscience keeps flashing us the warning signs which we conveniently ignore. We come up with various reasons for this. The best one is “It’s Friendship Man. We’re the buddies”. But the ultimate fact remains that one always keeps losing. Is this the correct thing to do? Being friends is a reason to ignore this? Does this affect the dynamics of the friendship? Frankly speaking I don’t think even Google would have any answer to these.

From whatever I understand (which is very limited), every relation has its limits. No relation in this entire world is selfless. Some would deny and say Parent-Child relationship, but again they also have expectations from each other. Good Career, Fame their name along with the same. It’s a win-win situation for both if all ends well. Or else, even parents sometimes feel regret no matter how much anyone denies.

Someone said that this isn’t fair people should be understanding. However, I say that people are much smarter than what they show to the world. Everyone would enjoy a free joyride. After all, that seems a luxury these days in such an expensive market…


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