Stepping on Everyone’s Toes

Different cultures have different sets of rules and practices. These rules have been laid down to have a concrete foundation in our lives. With time & generations, rules or what I would put down as discipline evolved as per the convenience we found in our lives. With each generation, the definition and the requirements whichContinue reading “Stepping on Everyone’s Toes”

Keep Swapping Until You Find the Right

We have come across a long way from the way one perceives relationships. The needs changed, priorities changed, requirements changed, the medium of match making changed and so on. There was a mythological era where the royals used to have ‘Swayambar’ in order to get their daughters married. This would be a gathering of suitors,Continue reading “Keep Swapping Until You Find the Right”

Chintu ka Birthday Review

Movie Name: Chintu ka Birthday Language: Majorly Hindi Where to watch: My Perspective of the Movie:                 This is a 2019 release and currently you will find it on This a story of a regular lower middle class family from Bihar who currently is based in Baghdad. As the title suggests, it isContinue reading “Chintu ka Birthday Review”

Mind, Money & Other Matters

              As per know from my earlier blog that I moved out to a new city. Thinking sarcastically ‘This blog should not turn into my autobiography’. People and acquaintances around me are gushing with their best wishes and congratulating me for my new venture. What no one understands the underlying inhibitions and apprehensions, the overnightContinue reading “Mind, Money & Other Matters”

The New Girl

              Have all noticed that there is usually a buzz around when someone new joins your school, office, society, locality etc. The curious looks are given to you; the inquires which indirectly float across. The guesses floating around when the movers and packers unload the things. The glances which might sometimes be judgmental as wellContinue reading “The New Girl”