Hall of Mirrors

Hall of MirrorsWe all think about people no matter how much we claim that we don’t judge them. But inevitably we do. I reached this to this thought after visiting an interesting place. The interesting place which I mentioned was actually a local amusement park in my city. It was bright with many stalls, a dozen rides, colorful tents and all. There was a tent which had caught my attention; it was the ‘Hall of Mirrors‘. After entering I noticed that there wasn’t much crowd in there. The tent appeared to be faded and old, with a shredded carpet which could not be called as a carpet anymore. The mirrors which were hung were all very old and unclean. They were hung opposite each other. Some were round, some were square, and some were tall while some were curve and oval. Very few people were mingling around, laughing, joking, wondering, frowning etc. I could see people looking at themselves and each other into the mirrors.

Now, you must be wondering what I was doing there. Well, I was over there with my niece, who was all over the place with excitement. We were moving from mirror to mirror looking at ourselves. In some of them we were looking tall, in some we were short, in some we were fat and in some we were ugly. But there was not a mirror were we were perfect; however, I happier looking at my overexcited niece. Her excitement was actually contagious.

I noticed that like me many people were looking at us and smiling. Some were openly staring at us; some were gawking at us while some were looking at us through their mirrors. It was then I realized that our Life more or less is a like our own ‘Hall of Mirrors’. Here we all see each other through our own eyes or someone else’s eyes.

We all have our own lives to live; while we get busy living our life. While being busy doing this we encounter many people in this lifetime of ours. We built perceptions about them. Some perceptions are of our own while some are built on others opinion and experience. Like the reflections we see in the mirrors, most of them get lost within these mirrors like a shadow of the past but some linger and remain with us till the very end. Sometimes it’s only us who remain with our own selves.

In these mirrors we also see ourselves with the others. We also see ourselves differently than what people see us. Sometimes we see ourselves as extremely great people. Sometimes we also end up hating ourselves. While people see us completely opposite of what people see us as.

What our life is nothing but a play of perception. Some perceptions match ours while some are completely different from ours. These perceptions keep altering as time passes. The time either fades away the person and their shadow fades away or it lingers somewhere in the darkest corner of our minds. These are later known as Memories. The good ones are at least while is rest of them as called as Experiences.

Come let’s look into these mirrors and try and look beyond our perceptions; rather than asking the same question ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall; Who’s the Fairest of All’ rather ask a different question or perhaps no question at all…

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