Better Yet Bitter

We all move across from generations to generations. We once were the X generation millennials; now I read about the generation Z being better than us. I times i envy them; most of the times I pity them. No, I am not the jealous kinds and will not blurt the dialogue whoch we have aleways heard our grandparents and parents say, ‘Your generation does not know work at all; it was our generation that had the most difficult phase’. Maybe they are right; maybe not. I will give you a version of my observations so far.

I had an experience with one of the Z millennials just after the lockdown was lifted; somewhere in September 2020. I requested this parlor girl for a few services at my home as I was skeptical about going to the parlor them. After a little time passed away while she was working on me; I initiated a conversation to keep us entertained. She told me about her family that they were a family of 5 her parents, two elder brothers, herself and a younger brother. Her off seemed off; I thought I touched a nerve. I decided to steer away from the topic. We were just randomly discussing some random topic when her phone rang. She disconnected the call twice; finally answered the third call. Her tone was dripping hatred; I will be honest, I got quite uneasy. She apologized and resumed her work. I enquired if everything was okay and it was a wrong question! She just started about how her father and her elder brothers did not but be lazy around the house all day & night. The younger brother was too young and was not eligible to work. It was her mother & herself that did all the work and were the bread earners of the house. This was not the problem; the real problem was that she already has made this strong opinion rather judgement that all men in the world were useless; which I know is not true at all. This sis bothers me somehow, I found her too young to form this opinion. She was barely 23; I am sure she has not seen life yet! But this amount of anger in her was disturbing.

We all are aware of the most mysterious suicide the actor Sushant Singh Rajput and the controversies behind it. No, I do not have any comments regarding that. Like that, a kid of merely 24 years committed suicide by hanging himself in our society. Not many of us know the exact details and the reasons. But the mindset of this young person reaching to that conclusion this way bothers me. So does the way Sushant Singh killed (or not killed) himself also does. The other day on Twitter a post went viral of a kid of 16 committed suicide after fearing that he will fail the exams. These are some that we know or read somewhere; I wonder how many we do not know. All I will say, for someone who has not even lived their half life is already thinking of giving it up. We all have failed the young ones in some or the other way.

I am someone who was born in mid 80s; I was that generation where I think everything happened at the correct time. I have enjoyed playing outdoors when I was young and when the technology boomed; we were old enough to handle it. Like most of us, I have my set of failures, heartbreaks, broken relationships and much more. But ending my mind is a thought which never entered my mind. I have observed that for some odd reason, most of the people of 80s have failed marriages; however, some of us still hold on to the thought that relationships are a necessity and we were just unlucky. The later generations as of now do not have time or the patience for any relationship; not even one with themselves. I thought I easily get bored; but these are worst. They hardly consider anything worthwhile. However, the more I observed, I realized that they were not bored or restless or immature; it was their mind that was restless. They are sharp; hence I cannot call them stupid, they are neither matured nor completely immature. They can reason yet can seem unreasonable. What went wrong with this generation is my question?

I cannot say technology ruined them, because I work in this industry. There is no way anyone of us is spared from it now. I cannot say that parents ruined them, because they are someone who have always tried to do their best for us. I still am looking for a reason that went wrong with generation Z. Do they give up early? Do they not have patience? Do they not have attention? I do not know what it is yet.

Things seem bleak to them quite early in life. They might be the best generation to get everything they need at their disposal, yet it does not seem enough. Like the older generations, even I feel at times, they have Google for most of the difficult question of life; this was something we never had while growing up. The better the had maybe the bitter they got. Was it because they have everything or is it because they have everything, yet it is nothing?

Although there is one thing these people are oblivious to; its HOPE. We all are alone; I have not seen anyone lonelier than this lot. They have the world open to them, yet no one to talk to. They are battling more than they can handle or maybe they are keeping in too much within themselves than what they can handle. I they are all looking for an acknowledgment from the world; they do not know yet, that the world only watches everyone yet support no one. This is how the New World now has become. Only tragedies bring us together, while someone else’s joy make us miserable. What have we come to? Where will it stop? How many lives more to go? When will this burden of life end for some? When will is all become more accepting for everyone? When will this all become peaceful for us?

I would only like to say; before any of us reaching to an extreme conclusion find someone to talk to. If families can be difficult; talk to friends. If friends are not around; talk to a stranger. One never might know; when we all can get help from an unknown who can help us sail through the most difficult day.

With this I leave you all to think about my observations and let me know; if Being Better Made Them Bitter or not!

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