No More Waking Up For School

Every morning Mother don’t wake me up
The school seems boring while I can play here once I’m up
I told the morning to stay away
For I wished to snuggle & lie in my bed
Just lie till noon
Trouble Mother till the afternoon
Pay heart filled till the evening
Run inti Father’s arms; once the evening comes bringing him along
This is all I want my life to be
No more school or waking up in the morning, please

Today morning Mother again woke me up
I rushed get to go away; I complained to her a lot
She got me ready in a hurry
She packed my bag with a Kiss and a Pat
Got onto my bus which is always in a rush
I forgot to say her Goodbye
Then u thought to say her a Hi
When I get back; why the need to cry

Never did we know
This was my last Goodbye
Had I realized; I would’ve never said goodbye
I would’ve cried
I would’ve stayed with her
Till my tears were dry
Keeping her arms around me
Feeling the Warmth
Not letting her go by

The routine began; suddenly changed
When we heard the fireworks
Then we felt the pain
Saw the blood trickling on the floor
Coming towards us to grab us & more
Everyone ran; I should’ve ran too
Nowhere to go since there was no way to show
I felt something
I didn’t realize it was pain
Before I realized how it felt
I unfelt everything again

The tiffin’s just lay, so did the bags
Shoe remained there painted wild and red
We all seem asleep everywhere
Now no more waking up for schools again

Mother needn’t rush every morning
Run behind me to finish the packing
I told the sun my final goodbye
For now I’m here
In my coffin cold dark dry
You and Father don’t come by
I can’t stop the flowing tears
Even if I try
Now this coffin is all I have

Now no more waking up for school



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