Chintu ka Birthday Review

Movie Name: Chintu ka Birthday

Language: Majorly Hindi

Where to watch:

My Perspective of the Movie:

                This is a 2019 release and currently you will find it on This a story of a regular lower middle class family from Bihar who currently is based in Baghdad. As the title suggests, it is all about the birthday celebrations for the youngest of the family.

                This is a writer’s movie and delicately holds it on right amount of emotions. Every character has done justice to their roles and have brought out the perfect notes to dish out a rare reality for us. We all being in India have taken lives for granted. We are killing animals, taking COVID situation so lightly, and fighting with each other over politicians, blocking people over social media after an agreement and so on.

                While there are many of us who have stepped out of their comfort zones into different countries and now are making a living there. Those people when stuck in a cruel situation and their reactions, pent up emotions, the longing to come back to the homeland while handling other factors is something the directors have expressed with utmost rawness.

                The entire story revolves around the youngest six year olds child’s birthday party and their plans to keep them afloat no matter what comes. The family consists of five people, the husband (Vinay Pathak), wife (Tillotama Shome), the six year old birthday boy, his elder sister along with the husband’s mother-in-law.

                Vinay Pathak is shown as a salesperson who is sent to Baghdad to sell water purifiers. Over a period of time his family along with the mother-in-law join him. Baghdad now a war zone country is under the US Army clutches which is sent to destroy Saddam Hussain’s reign. Chintu’s earlier birthday was also canceled as the war in Baghdad had just begun. In order to make up for the previous year’s birthday, this year everyone is on their best foot trying to cheer up the little one.

                On the birthday, Murphy’s Law works its charm and everything that had to go wrong went wrong. There is a natural friction shown between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law, after all he was the one to get them there. The landlord who has given his house to the family to live have believes in the system which was placed by the earlier ruler and now is completely upset with the US Army being around.

                Chintu’s best friend is the most impressive character, who has learnt his way around life rather too early for his age. He is a hustler at this tender age but, is street smart and always carries a smile. After looking at him we realize that we are being kids even at 40 years of age not taking responsibility of our actions at all.

                The US army militants have played their roles extremely skillfully. One of them, has been in Iraq since quite some time, while the other has recently arrived. On the very moment, Chitu was to leave his house for the school; a bomb went off in the near vicinity and then it’s a curfew. Amongst all of this confusion, there is a birthday party to happen. Every character has his or her secret, every character has their own story which unfolds slowly in front of our eyes.

                My recommendation is a ‘Good Watch or a Must Watch’. A splendid portray of all the emotions in the distressed war situation along with the helplessness of not being able to go back to homeland.

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